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How to Download

If you are having trouble downloading from our website please check that you have pop-ups enabled for our site. We need this as each download link opens in a new tab (allowing you to browse loads at once) but your browser(chrome/internet explorer) thinks these are pop ups.

If you get a nasty ad PLEASE report it [write a review on any product and we can read it]! It has been set up with no pop-ups/pop-unders/other annoying ads so if you get one we want to get rid of it ASAP.

In order to enable pop ups you should:

On  Google Chrome:

1. Click on any one of our download links

2. Look at your address bar, a small icon will show with a tiny cross next to it. Click this icon.

3. A box will appear, click "Always allow popups from", then click finish.

4. Try clicking the download button again (you may need to refresh the page)

5. The buttons should now work!

If you don't get the icon, try clicking the i on the left hand side of the address bar, then pop-ups, then allow.

On Microsoft Edge: 

1. Click on any one of our download links

2. A small banner appears at the bottom of the screen, click "Always allow"

If you have already clicked block or the banner doesn't appear, then it is very difficult to allow popups only on this site (this should be updated in Edge at somepoint!). Our advice would be to temporarily disable edges popup blocked then re-enable once you have finished downloading from our site, to do this you need to:

1. Click the 3 dots in the top right, next to the address bar

2. Click settings 

 3. Scroll down then click "View advanced settings"

4. Click "Block popups" so it goes grey, once you are finished downloading from our site, then click this again to re enable the popup 

On Safari:

It isn't possible to only allow popups from specific sites in Safari so you must turn off the pop up blocker whenever using out website. To do this use the keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+K

Use this once to allow popups whenever you want to download, then use again to re enable once you have finished all downloads.

There is another method to toggle popups through the menus, however I do not have a Mac to take screenshots. Follow the instructions on this link.


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